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About us
Cixi city Longbei bearing CD.,LTD is the small enterprise has special production of microminiature axletrees in CI XI. We had been kept improving as basis of
enforcing of business anagement and direction of market. The satisfaction of customers leads us to upgrade our productions.
Contact us
Contact Person????Rong GuoAn

        Cixi city Longbei bearing CD.,LTD         
        ADD ????DongShangHe Country HengHe Town CiXi City

Tel????0574-63267999 TEL ????0574-63267999
Fax????0574-63266833 FAX ????0574-63266833 广东麻将技巧 幸运农场怎样玩容易中 吉林快三 安徽快三投注一定 河南今天11选5玩法规则 彩票排列五计划 北京快三开奖号一定牛 2020马会资料精选免费大全 辽宁35选7开奖结果新 同花顺股票指数怎么看 黑龙江11选5预测专家推荐 股票涨跌原因 大白话 2019平肖规律原理公式 买股票的软件 凤凰v彩江苏快3app 四川快乐12遗漏数据 股票行情今天大盘走势今天